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How Old Is a Rabbit in Human Years? Rabbit Age Converter

Have you ever thought about how old your pet rabbit really is? Most owners of pet rabbits are curious about how their pet’s age matches up against human years for several reasons. To make sure that your bunny gets the best out of its lifespan, then you definitely should consider how old a rabbit is in human years.

Figuring out their approximate age will actually help you care for them better. Like humans, rabbits have different life stages that require different levels of care and attention, especially if you want them to live a full and happy life.

A close up of a ginger baby bunny.
The age of your bunny is very important to take care of their health.

But, like wild rabbits, indoor and domestic rabbits mature very quickly and go through at least three life stages in their first year alone. Calculating their age is no simple feat. But this guide is here to make it as simple as possible, so you can be well informed about what your bunny needs at every step of the way. 

First things first: How long is a pet rabbit’s lifespan? 

Bunnies can live a long life with a loving home that gives them everything they need. If your bunny has a good diet, gets sufficient daily exercise, receives lots of love from you, and has a safe and clean home, then your rabbit’s average life expectancy can be as long as 10 to 12 years. 

It’s not a guarantee, though, as many older rabbits develop illnesses in their later years that cannot always be avoided. That said, many things can help prolong their lifespan, like keeping them indoors to save them from the stress of being exposed to potential predators or extreme weather conditions. 

Fun fact: The oldest rabbit to ever live was an Australian rabbit named Flopsy, who lived for a whopping 18 years!

Human years vs. a rabbit’s age: A quick calculator for rabbit years

The quickest way to calculate your rabbit’s age is by the years. One year equates to about 21 years in rabbits’ lives. So while you think your bunny is still a baby, they’ve actually already matured into young adulthood.

Check out this table to help you better understand how a rabbit’s age converts to a human age:

Rabbit AgeHuman Age
one weekone year
two weekstwo years
three weeksfour years
four weekssix years
two monthseight years
three months10 years
four months12 years
five months14 years
six months16 years
one year21 years
two years27 years
three years33 years
four years39 years
five years45 years
six years51 years
seven years56 years
eight years62 years
nine years68 years
10 years75 years

As you can see, a rabbit ages roughly six years for every human year, so time moves a lot faster for these fluffballs. That’s why this table is here to help you keep track of their development so you can anticipate any behavioral changes and give the best care. 

A gray bunny close up with a nature background.
Some other factors, like your rabbit’s breed or health problems, can alter your bunny’s age.

Although these are all approximate ages, other factors like your rabbit’s breed or health problems can alter how your bunny ages. Bunnies can lose years to stress just like their owners, so be sure that your living conditions as a rabbit owner are as stress-free as can be. 

Figuring out the age of a rabbit by the different life stages

If the age calculator table is a bit confusing to understand, you can easily figure out your bunny’s age by understanding their different life stages. This way, not only will you understand their age, but it also makes it easier to identify your rabbit’s needs according to how they behave.

Overall, a rabbit has about seven distinctive life stages in their average 10-year lifespan. 

Baby rabbits from birth to three months of age

This is the first stage of a rabbit’s life when they are considered a ‘kit.’ For the first six to eight weeks, the kit should still be with its mother to get the proper care and milk it needs. 

You should only be adopting a kit after it has been weaned and should pay special attention to their diet at this time as their stomachs are very sensitive. Alfalfa-based pellets are great for young rabbits.

Young rabbits from four to five months of age

This is when rabbits are in their adolescent phase, and it’s also usually the time when they are very active and start to reach their sexual maturity. This can mean a lot of chaos for rabbit owners, as male rabbits start to get rather aggressive and territorial, and female rabbits start getting possessive during this time. 

Most owners neuter their rabbits during this stage to curb this naughty behavior. 

Rabbits from six months to one year of age

Be prepared for lots of mood swings and antisocial behavior because your furry friend just entered their teenage years. If you’ve desexed your bunny by this point, you can expect them to put on a lot more weight and move around less, although they will still be pretty active during this stage. 

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A cute mini lop rabbit on a corner.
Younger bunnies have a lot of mood swings and antisocial behaviour.

Adult rabbits from one to three years old

At this stage, your rabbit has reached young adulthood. Your bunny will be at its most active during this time, so you can expect a lot of ‘binkies,’ chewing, digging, and exploring. At this age, your domestic rabbit should have a lot of space to hop around and plenty of toys to chew on. 

Adult rabbits from four to six years old

Now your rabbit has reached middle age and will start to become less active and a lot sleepier. They are usually at their most affectionate during this stage, as they tend to have a lot more trust in their owners and feel safer and more relaxed. So you will need to be a lot more attentive from this point.

Adult rabbits from seven to nine years old

From here, your rabbit is starting to reach its late middle-age phase. They will be slower and more affectionate as the aging process continues, but this is also, unfortunately, the stage where a lot of health problems like arthritis will start to arise. Regular vet checkups can help to keep an eye on any age-related health issues, such as respiratory problems.  

This is where your bunny will start to rely on you more, especially for intimate issues like keeping their bums clean and changing the bottom of your rabbit’s cage. Their mobility will be impaired, so you should also watch out for the development of sore hocks. 

Old rabbits from ±10 years old

If your rabbit lives this long, then congratulations! You’ve successfully raised your rabbit into its old-timer years, and this is when your bunny will need you the most. 

Flemish Giant rabbit eating on a white background.
You want your rabbit to have a healthy, happy life over the years.

As they enter into old age, your senior rabbit will struggle greatly with moving around and hygiene, so you will need to set aside a lot of time to care for them. You can sleep easy knowing if your rabbit has made it this far, it has lived a good, long life.

Final thoughts: How old is a rabbit in human years?

Rabbits are precious creatures, and to care for one for its entire lifespan is a blessing, to say the least. These furry friends put a lot of trust in their owners, especially as they grow older, but they also have a lot of needs that require just as much care in their earlier years. 

So it doesn’t really matter what your bunny’s exact age is. As long as you can determine which life stage they’re in or have a general estimate, you will be more than equipped to ensure your rabbit lives a long and happy life.

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