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About Us

Small Pet Guides is a site dedicated to helping you care for your favorite two- or four-legged friends.

Whether you’re a proud guinea pig mum or dad, love your indoor or outdoor bunnies, or care for any other type of small pet, this website is designed to provide the information to help you give them the best life.

Who am I?

My name is Steph Dyson, a travel journalist by trade but a lover of all small pets. I’ve looked after everything from gerbils to guinea pigs, rabbits to hamsters, and fish to dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Steph Dyson, founder of Small Pet Guides with a dog
Hanging out with my favorite dog friend.

And, while there’s certainly information out there about how to look after small animals, I personally always struggled to find the answers to those small questions that I had about my pet’s welfare.

So, I decided to start my own website to help other pet owners find the information they need.

Why I’m the person to trust when it comes to your pet

As a child, I grew up surrounded by small pets. My parents had a particular fondness for gerbils, and so, through the course of my early years, we housed various different pairs: from Pinky and Perky to Toast and Marmelade (Toast, ironically, used to sleep on Marmelade) and Saltana, Current, and Raisen.

The gerbil Timon belonging to Small Pet Guides founder Steph Dyson
Timon, one of the most recent gerbils I’ve owned.

At different times, we also had guinea pigs – the lovely Bubble and Squeak-Pancake-Pig – a hamster (who, obviously, was an escape artist), an aquarium of fish, and a much-loved tabby cat, who wandered in off the street one day and decided that we were home.

In the past few years, I’ve also taken the mantle of pet sitting. I’ve looked after a number of dogs, cats, and, on one occasion, a pair of chinchillas. Doing so has given me the chance to learn even more about the animals that we love to keep as pets – and given me an even greater interest in wanting to help others care for them.

What information you’ll find on Small Pet Guides

When I founded Small Pet Guides, I wanted to make it the go-to website for pet owners seeking information and care advice.

As a result, we’ve got whole areas of the site dedicated to different pet species’ care, facts about different rabbit and guinea pig breeds, suggestions for cage sizes, accessories, and feeding, plus all that other information that you want to ask but just can’t find the answer anywhere.

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