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Small Pet Guides is dedicated to helping you care for your favorite two- or four – legged friends.

I’m Steph, a lover of all small pets. I’ve looked after everything from gerbils to guinea pigs, rabbits to hamsters, and fish to dogs of all shapes and sizes. Now I’m here to help other pet owners find the information they need.

Steph Dyson, founder of Small Pet Guides with a dog

Featured Articles

A guinea pig eating a red bell pepper

The 8 Best Daily Veggies For Guinea Pigs: A Complete Healthy Diet Guide

Like humans, guinea pigs need a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals daily to maintain good health. Cavies are herbivores, so their diet should consist entirely of plant-based foods, but that can get boring if they’re always eating the same things.  Serving fresh veggies daily is a great way to maintain your guinea pig’s diet. …

Giant Caramel Flemish Rabbit streched on sand.

How Long Do Flemish Rabbits Live? The Scoop on This Giant’s Lifespan

The Flemish Giant rabbit is one enormous bun, as their name suggests. They stand 2.5 feet (76.2 cm) tall and, at maximum weight, can be 12 – 20 pounds (5.4 – 9 kg), making them officially the largest rabbit breed in the rabbit world. In comparison to tiny and medium-sized dogs, they are about the …

A beautiful brown and white guinea pig in its cage eating grass.

The 5 Best Cages for Guinea Pigs: Top Homes for Your Cavy

Before having your first guinea pig, there are some care instructions to learn. Firstly, when it comes to the best guinea pig cages, the rule is straightforward: the bigger, the better. The necessity for proper cage size is at the top of the list of essentials that piggy parents have become much more aware of as …

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A cute brown and white piggy laying on hay.

Guinea Pigs


Balck and white bunny on green grass.


Pet Care

Rex Rhinelander rabbit in the green garden sitting and watching curiously.

How Much Does it Cost to Neuter a Rabbit? Expert Guide

Have you just adopted your pet rabbit and are now wondering how much it’ll cost to neuter them? Well, that’s why you’re here. This guide aims to provide an in-depth review of this topic.  All indoor rabbit owners know about the inevitable visit to the neuter clinic with their beloved fur ball. However, these procedures …

Giant Light Grey Flemish Rabbit sitting on sand.

What Color Should Rabbit Pee Be? Expert Health Guide

There is one thing all rabbit owners can agree on: you want your tiny fluffy roommates to be as healthy as possible. Before you run off to the vet and rack up medical bills, knowing what to look out for would benefit you and your pet. And as with humans, urine can be quite a …

Two young Dutch mini-lop rabbits eating greens on a white background.

Can Rabbits Eat Radishes? A Full Guide to This Fresh Food

If you’ve been wondering about the best fresh vegetables to feed your bunny, perhaps radishes have crossed your mind. But can rabbits eat radishes?  The short answer is — in moderation, yes! Radishes are cruciferous vegetables that come with a variety of health benefits for your pet bunny.  No matter the breed, rabbits appear to …

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